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Your car is so important for you getting where you need to go, running all your errands, and fulfilling your job and personal responsibilities. So when you need it moved, when you need it transported to the mechanic, or your Dad’s house who you gonna call? That’s right! Eagle Mountain Towing is there for all your towing service needs. We want to treat you right and get you where you need to go. Often small highway or roadside accidents make your car undrivable temporarily or have a good amount of aesthetic damage. Let us help you clear this up right away by getting you to the proper auto body shop or mechanic that you need.

Maybe it’s you that want to make the fixes. No problem, we can deliver your car right to your property where you need it to be. Or it might just be transporting that beautifully restored screaming machine on wheels to that car show, or your buyer’s house. Even for that we got you! Let use do your emergency towing work in a professional and reliable way, just like we’ve been doing for years! Eagle Mountain, UT towing services is the right choice, you’ve come to the right place!

How Our Towing Services Can Help You
Want to feel like your car is in good hands after an accident or issue? Well even insurance companies (like Allstate, did you get the ad reference?) need quality towing companies. That’s why Eagle Mountain Towing is here to serve you in the greater Utah County areas. Our professional towing service will have you up and at ’em in no time. You vehicle will be safely removed to it’s next location.

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Towing Services in Eagle Mountain, UT

Our Team
We have an excellent team of servicers who are trained on using the proper equipment to get your car off the road and to the place it needs to go. To go about doing this, these members have undergone training to make sure your car will be as safe as possible. Our staff is friendly and kind and our local towing experts will be happy to answer your questions and provide you with feedback about your concerns.

Our Towing Process
Our towing process begins with a short phone call to our 24/7 phone number. Upon answering our experts will provide a quote to you based on your need and location. From there they’ll give you a time estimate of how long it will take for them to get there (depending on their last appointment) and what to expect from them. Once they arrive they will graciously help you get your car on a truck, or attached to the proper towing device that will pull you to safety or to your next destination. They may charge you then or later, or through a mechanic shop via cash, card, or another form of payment.

We take a professional approach to ensuring your car’s safety in towing. We’re dedicated to giving you a memorable and positive experience, one that we know you deserve and that is safe, effective and affordable. Our team of experts will care for your car towing needs while ensuring your vehicle remains as safe as possible and in good hands. Contact us today to request our services in Eagle Mountain, UT.

Common Problems if You Don’t Hire a Towing Service

The importance of your vehicle to you is undeniable. It get you where you need to go safely. So why risk using a service that could cause more damage in the long run? There really is not point, unless you think you might be saving money, which in the long haul may actually cost you more. Hire a professional towing service to care properly for your car so you don’t ensue additional charges from recovery costs and the like. If you’re considering not using our services you might risk the following:

Vehicle Damage
Get the wrong person to tow your car and some serious damage could occur. Parts of your car could be removed or damages such as the body, bumpers, fenders, etc. An incorrect attachment site could result in serious detriments to the vehicle. Insecure vehicle could cause damage to its surroundings during transit if it gets loose from the towing vehicle which could also greatly damage the vehicle itself. Also the final delivery of the vehicle could result in collisions if careful steps are not taken to put the car in a correct final place.

Harm from Delay
More harm can come to your vehicle, yourself, or others if you delay getting service. A car in traffic can cause other serious issues that you could be liable for and fined. A vehicle stuck in nature may further rust, or be damage by weather or ecological systems.

Keep Safe with Our Towing Services

You don’t want to get stuck in a bind in the middle of highway blocking traffic after a small accident, or blown tire. Can you imagine? Use Eagle Mountain Towing today to get to safety as soon as possible and have you vehicle back on it’s way to restoration. Our towing service can cut you a break with their speedy turn around times and expertise in towing. Let’s preserve that vehicle and the hard earned dollar bills you’ve spent on that pretty little vehicle by getting it to a mechanic shop right away!

​Need to move your vehicle to another state, another part of town, or perhaps because it’s broken down? Well look no further. We got you sirs and ma’ams! Let us take of your towing needs by being that tow truck that comes to your aid. We want to ensure your car’s safety, in some cases your loved one’s and family’s safety, and definitely be that local helping hand company with our small business charm! Contact us today for more information on how we can help you! Day or night, rain or shine, Eagle Mountain Towing will be there for you, at just the right time!

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